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Eye Wrinkles And Puffiness: What Causes Them?

Are you curious as to the ten main reasons we experience puffiness under our eyes? Then keep reading to find out.The best eye creams can solve this and other eye problems.

wrinkles creamsHere are the top 10 reasons why you get puffiness under the eyes. Once you find a possible cause, then you can do something about it. So here’s the check list for you to look at:

Reason 1: Allergies

Allergies are extremely common for many people and some people will experience puffiness around their eyes. If you can’t cure the puffiness with an allergy medication given over the counter then you should see your doctor.

Reason 2: Crying

When you cry the salt in your tears can cause puffy eyes. The salt causes your body to retain water so your skin ends up over-hydrated resulting in puffiness. Of course, eventually the salts are washed away and then the puffiness will be gone as well. If you want quick relief you might try putting a cold compress over your eyes.

Reason 3: Lack of Sleep

When you don’t get plenty of sleep, it’s easy to end up with bags under your eyes as well as puffiness. This is due to water retention. Getting plenty of rest will get rid of the puffiness!

Reason 4: Too Much Salt

If your diet contains excessive amounts of salt you body will have retained water and this includes your eye area. By reducing the amount of salt you consume you can improve the puffiness. If you eat a lot of take out food it could be the culprit of the excessive salt in your diet.

best over the counter wrinkle creamReason 5: Too Much Alcohol

Alcohol can cause you to retain fluid around your eyes, which causes puffiness. If you can’t cut out alcohol altogether then try to at least reduce your intake.

Reason 6: Stress

Emotional and physical stress can give you puffy eyes because of fluid retention. How does this happen? Stress is able to cause your hormones to increase which influence fluid retention.

Reason 7: Hormonal Changes

Yes that’s right! When you experience changes in your hormones it can actually cause puffiness around your eyes. We are able to retain fluid when our hormones fluctuate. Work on keeping your body well balanced to help prevent this. Also do some research onthe best anti wrinkle creams to help with this problem.

Reason 8: Consuming Excessive Amounts of Water Before Bed

If you tend to drink water too much before you go to bed it can sometimes cause puffiness. It will do the same if you use too much salt also.

Reason 9: Moisturizers

Unfortunately certain moisturizers will do their job a little too well when plumping and hydrating the eye area. This in turn causes puffiness.

Reason 10: Oil-Based Makeup

Oil-based makeup can be irritating to your skin under your eyes unlike gel or water-based makeup, which are less irritable. This irritation that occurs can actually cause the skin to become inflamed as well as puffy.

The first step you need to take is to determine what could be the cause of your puffiness. Once you can answer that you can start working on correcting it. Now that you know of the ten common causes of puffiness, why not get started on finding your cause.

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By Marcus Ryan
Published: 9/1/2008



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